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12 January Livia is killed
20 January Livia is buried
8 February First letter of protest and anxiety for trial outcome to Baroness Hayman, copy Sunday Times and MP
3 March Article in The Sunday Times Licence to Kill
July Instituted annual Livia Award for Art, Vita et Pax Primary School, Oakwood
July Meeting Enf Council re pedestrian railings/ pavement where Livia killed
August 1st enquiries re derelict site adjacent to pavement where Livia killed.
September Instituted annual Livia Award for Economics, Secondary School, St Clement Danes
October Instituted annual Livia Award for Dance, Bodens
2-6 November Trial R vs Sehghal, Old Bailey
6 November Verdict: unanimous Guilty of the charge, death by dangerous driving. Fined
Nov Leave to appeal to the Court of Appeal against an unduly lenient sentence lodged by family and by CPS
20 November 1st March for Justice in Enfield 1998
Dec Leave to appeal denied. Attorney Gen: John Morris QC. 28 day rule misapplied
20 Jan 1999 Adjournment debate in Parliament, Stephen Twigg MP
10 July 2nd March and rally, Hyde Park - Trafalgar Square
October Opening of The Livia Memorial Garden, Windmill Hill, Enfield
October Instituted annual Livia Award for Professionalism & Service to Justice (MPS Traffic)
First ceremony held in The Livia Memorial Garden, Enfield
February 1st hearing for Judicial Review, RCJ, Mr Justice Owen, RCJ – self-acting. Fails.
March Second hearing for Judicial Review, RCJ, Lord Justice Schiemann. Fails.
July Bias complaint to the Lord Chancellor. Carries on forever, to 2002. Fails.
September Application to the European Court of Human Rights. Self acting. Fails
Criminal process ends within 3 years. Attention focussed on civil process.
2001 Instituted annual Livia Award for Riding
March Galli-Atkinson vs Seghal, Central London County Court, Recorder Woods.
Fails and is appealed. Appeal granted. Transcript tapes lost and found.
October Instituted annual Livia Award for Enfield in Bloom
21 March Galli-Atkinson vs Seghal, RCJ, Latham, Thorpe, Wilson.
Succeeds. Case opens parameters for recovery for trauma by definition
In Tort Law
July GKA graduates.LLB from open University (it has taken 4 years)
October GKA begins LLM at Bristol University.
Currently awaiting to write thesis.
Campaign activities organised by other road safety charities RoadPeace and BRAKE, Victim’s Voice, Attendance at parliamentary group meetings, conferences, courses, public demonstrations, press and TV coverage, Road Safety Week.
2004 Focus on Road Safety Education, Legislation and Enforcement
September GKA becomes BRAKE volunteer and Road Safety Academy and begins delivery of road safety Too Young To Die to 5th and 6th forms at schools, colleges, youth offenders’ institutions
Safe Drive
Stay Alive:
Romford, Wiltshire. GKA helps to set it up in Enfield
Learn and Live: Cleveland
2000 Road Traffic Penalties Review
2000 Meeting with Charles Clarke, Home office Minister
2001 Response to Policing Priorites
2004 Sentencing Guidelines Council letter – advocating a plea of not guilty as an aggravating factor
2006 Response to Enfield Review on Road Strategy
2007 SGC Death by Dangerous Driving
2009 Consultation on Compliance
2007 FLO, Scotland Yard
2008 Prague [Fit to Drive, Berlinischer organization]
2009 Hungary, European Driving Schools Association, EFA
2000-2006 Marathons: GKA raises awareness on the run in Rome, London, Scotland, Newcastle.


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