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The Livia Memorial Fund

The Fund was created in memory of Livia Galli-Atkinson who was killed on the evening of 12 January 1998 in Enfield by a driver who mounted the pavement where she was walking. Livia was 16.

Livia’s family discovered that she had saved £246 pocket money in her Abbey National account and rather than squander it, the family agreed that it might be a good way to use it to initiate a Fund that would support awards and community initiatives that would sit easily with her own academic skills and achievements and treasured hobbies. The following are the main projects the Fund supports.


[Academic Awards]

The Livia Award for Art
established in July 1998 at Vita et Pax School, London N14

The Livia Award for Economics/ Business Studies at GCSE Level
established in September 1998 at St Clement Danes School, Chorleywood, Herts

[Community Awards]

The Livia Award for Dance
established in October 1998 at Bodens School of Drama and Dance, Enfield and Barnet

The Livia Award for Riding
established in September 2001 at Gillian’s Riding School, Enfield

The Livia Award for Professionalism and Service to Justice (Live Link)
established on 30 October 1998

The Livia Award in Enfield in Bloom
established in November 2002

The Livia Memorial Garden (Live Link)

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