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The court will not listen to a busy body who is interfering in things which do not concern him but it will listen to an ordinary citizen who comes asking that the law should be declared and enforced, even though he is one of a hundred, or one of a thousand, or one of a million who are affected by it. It can be said that in England an ordinary citizen can enforce the law for the benefit of all as against public authorities in respect of their statutory duties.

Lord Denning, The Discipline of Law

Challenging Injustice


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Drivers who kill or maim are treated with abhorrent reckless leniency by the criminal justice system, whether they have been wilfully or momentarily irresponsible in their risk taking or wilfully or momentarily dangerous. In most cases drivers’ culpability is still heavily and successfully mitigated.  Lost or mutilated lives are rendered acceptable collateral damage, the notion of living with risk disproportionately defended.
  Livia In law she hoped
In justice she believed
Neither served
Both deceived
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